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CLIMATE CONFERENCE SLOVAKIA 2017 - Addressed Climate Change humanly and understandably, took place in, June, 03, 2017 at 10.00 am at the Sheraton Hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia.

  • Experience interesting debates, presentations, dozens of practical advices triggering action and adjustments in various fields such as: environmental policy, legislation, business, education, health and last but not least lifestyle.
  • Take the opportunity to meet experts and celebrities in regards of the climate change from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the USA or Scandinavia and other countries. Schools, universities, students, non-governmental organizations and the media such as TA3, Trend and others will also be present.

The next conference will take place in 2019. See below


  • AS AN INDIVIDUAL - for sake of you as well as your children, for your life and your future!
  • IF YOU ARE A COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE - you have an influence, an inspiration, take advantage of it!
  • IF YOU ARE A STATE OR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION'S REPRESENTATIVE - you have a responsibility, an opportunity to change the affairs of society for the better, use it!
  • IF YOU ARE A THIRD SECTOR REPRESENTATIVE - you know how to ally, fight for the right things, do it!
  • IF YOU ARE A MEDIA REPRESENTATIVE - you are under attention of many, have power, responsibility, show it!
  • IF YOU ARE A POLITICIAN - you can change the whole world for better, what are you waiting for?

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Translation from SVK to ENG and from ENG to SVK along with head-sets were provided free of charge!

We are looking forward to seeing you on the conference!

CCSK - Very much comitted Daniela and Pete

Climate Conference Slovakia (CCSK 2017 / CC.SK 2017)



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