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When registering, you are going to be asked to pick and sign up for two workshops - one from each series

1. Workshops series (45min.)

Object Of Conflicts And Change Of Thinking
Environmental themes are the object of conflicts, misunderstandings and endless arguments. How do you deal with such situations? What to say when we run out of words? How to motivate people to change their minds?
Adela Makovinská, expert in communication skills from VAM Consulting
Jozef Pecho, climatologist from Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute

Sustainable Architecture
It is one that respects not only our needs but the nature as well. How does a house form clay, thatch or hemp look like? How to stay on top of today's Eco-trends in construction and architecture?
Zuzana Kierulfová a Bjorn Kierulf, architects and craftsmen in the field of sustainable architecture from the ArTUR Civic Association  

Bird Singing And Eco Tourism
Do you also love to be in nature? Is it possible to enjoy it and protect it at the same time? What is the point in promoting the Eco-tourism? You'll get to know how to observe and protect Slovak birds and you will be taught how to recognize birds by their different singing.
bratia Dobšovičovci, ornithologists and environmentalists from watching.sk 

Living In a City When Climate Changes
You don't want to move into the forest however you do feel that life in cities is becoming unbearable? How to achieve a healthy, comfortable but also environmentally friendly city life?
Andrej Kovarik, environment commissioner for the capital city of Bratislava
Radoslav Mizera, innovation, ecosystem and business development expert from Solved (Finland, Slovakia)

2. Workshops series (45min.)

World through The Eyes Of a Journalist
How far are the media and reality from each other? Look at the world through the eyes of the journalist and get to know better how the news that affects your every day life is being "cooked".
Peter Ivanič, educational program coordinator: Svet medzi riadkami (The world between the lines)

Permaculture In Your Garden
Let us return the mother nature to our gardens. Get to know how the permaculture works and learn how to create it all on your own.
Hana Sekulová, natural garden architect, lecturer and writer

What Is The Life With An Electric Car Like & 80 eDays Around a World For the Guinness Record!
All you need to know before you get to know your first electric car. Real consumption, range, efficiency, battery, infrastructure, myths.
80 eDays around a world by a man who did it himself and will tell you about this adventure to stop burning oil for transportation and will pick some of you to test drive the very car he drove around the world with him right after the event
Tomáš Gurský, editor-in-chief of mojelektromobil.sk portal
Jiří Vlk, successfully bypassed the world on the 80 eDays electromobility challenge and is designed to enter the Guinness book Records

Mutual Understanding
Do you know what the World Café is? The challenges of life in the 21st century require that there be ways of dialogue that do not have to go to consensus but to a better understanding of each other. Learn to conduct a dialogue more efficiently.
Dušan Ondrušek, psychologist, coach in conflict prevention and resolution, founder of the Civic Association PDCS (Partners for Democratic Change)

-- When registering, you are going to be asked to pick and sign up for two workshops - one from each series --
However Workshops may or may not be provided with translation to English, only main program being discussion panels will surely be provided with translation from and to English

Stará Tržnica (Old Market), Bratislava - October 6, 2019
SNP 25, 81101 Bratislava, Slovakia

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