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1.9.2018 - BREAKING NEWS: Peter Krajcik, Co-founder of Climate Conference Slovakia, was assisting during the first successful corals outplanting event on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia!

Peter, as the first Slovak, assisted scientists and marine biologists in saving one of the most important ecosystems on our Planet. After the two devastating heatwaves in 2016 and 2017 followed by subsequent coral bleaching as a result of man-made climate change from burning oil, coal and gas. The events were followed by a massive coral dying, when more than 30% of all corals have died making it over 50% in total in Australia. However, we still have hope!  You can find the hope in this video.
More about our "Mission Australia" is coming soon.. ;-)

Peter Krajčík, first from the left - Coral Nursery, Fitzroy Island, The Great Barrier Reef

First coral planted from Great Barrier Reef underwater nursery off Cairns

The very 1st opportunity to adopt your own coral from a coral nursery in Australia (without getting wet, from your comfy home, from Slovakia:) which then within half of a year or so goes right to the Great Barrier Reef that will help with the reefs resilience and adaptation to the climate change and warming oceans - every little counts and could possibly change a world for better!  

Climate Conference Slovakia is helping out with our own hands and our time this none-profit organization in Australia!

To adopt a coral or for more info go to REEF RESTORATION FOUNDATION

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