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P R O G R A M  Bratislava, Slovakia - October 6, 2019 

8.00 am Registration
9.00 am Opening  with Katharine Hayhoe
9:15 am - 1.
 Discussion Panel Are We Willing To Ignore Climate Crisis?
How to make the climate change a topic #1? 
Who is responsible for the current situation and who is behind the disinformation? 
How do the media think? Do they ignore this topic and if so how could we change that?

Marek Vagovič - investigative journalist from portal: Aktuality.sk
Michaela Pixová -  social geographer, activist from the Climate Alliance of the Czech Republic

Dušan Ondrušek - psychologist, coach in the field of conflict prevention and resolution, founder of PDCS
Jozef Pecho – climatologist from Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute

10:15 am - 2. Discussion Panel  We Are Losing our Planet's Key Ecosystems.
What did the best foreign Great Barrier Reef rescue organizations discover in Australia? 
How does the coral extinction affect us?
What exactly is happening in the seas and oceans and is global warming a global warning? 
We will connect via tele-presence (tele-bridge) with Australian NGOs on the other side of the world: 
Great Barrier Reef Legacy and Reef Restoration Foundation.

Katharine Hayhoe professor in the department of political science at Texas Tech University, USA and director of its Climate Science Center

Alexander Áč - ecologist, Global Change Research Institute, CAS
Great Barrier Reef Legacy, Queensland, Australia
Reef Restoration Foundation, Queensland, Australia
Peter Krajčík - climate leader of The Climate Reality Project, USA as well as first Slovak volunteer saving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

- 11:10 am - Coffee Break & Networking 30min. --

- 11:50 am - 1. Series of  Workshops 45 min--
Objects of Conflicts and Change of Thinking
Sustainable Architecture

Bird Singing and Eco Tourism
Living in The City When Climate Changes

12:45 pm - 3. Discussion Panel  Casual Things in Life Are Becoming Full of Questions and Uncertainties
To have or not to have children? 
What is the environmental anxiety that is particularly troubling and is affecting young people?
How can children influence the quality of life in our society in the future?

Zuzana Fialová
 – consultant on international development, human rights, democratic transformation and conflict resolution with PDCS

Juraj Mesík – global trends analyst, worked for the World Bank in Washington
Zdenka Voštová – therapist, mediator and lecturer
Adela Vinczeová (Banášová) 

-1:30 pm Vegan Lunch 45min. (on Zero Waste principles, networking) --

2:40 pm - 4. Discussion Panel  The Current Society Setup is No Longer Sustainable
Products, services and their consumption are part of the economy of each country. 
Will we have enough resources to keep growing?
How to motivate the world economies to reform the way they function and the way they measure their success?  

Ladislav Miko Head of the European Commission in Slovakia, former Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic, ecologist and biologist
Martin Hojsík 
Member of the European Parliament, environmental activist
Norbert Kurilla
 - State Secretary of Ministry of the Environment 
Katharine Hayhoe - professor in the department of political science at Texas Tech University, USA and director of its Climate Science Center
James Collis - Citizens' Climate Europe, 
Regional Coordinator

- 3:30 pm - 2. Series of Workshops 45 min--
World Through The Eyes of a Journalist
Permaculture in Your Garden

What is a Life With an Electric Car Like & 80 eDays Around The World For a Guinness Record
Mutual Understanding 

    - 4:20 pm - 2nd Coffee Break & Networking 30min. --

    4:50 pm - 5. Discussion Panel  
    We Are Facing Mass Extinction of All Species, Ecosystems and Biodiversity. We are losing strategic resources and habitats.
    What is happening to our water and forests in Slovakia? 
    Who is in charge and responsible? 
    How to punish injustice and environmental crimes?
    How is it linked to the climate crises?

    Miroslava  Plassmann - 
    Director of the Slovak branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - WWF Slovakia

    Erik Baláž - ecologist, activist, director and writerco-founder of the initiative called WE ARE FOREST (MY SME LES)
    Mario Kern
     - Director of the Department of Environmental Crime PPZ SR

    Martin Dufala - Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava, Department of Administrative and Environmental Studies 
    Annemarie Velic - environmentalist, adviser on sustainable development, Founder of NGO - For Our Water (Za našu vodu)





    Daniela Piršelová (Founder) Peter Krajčík (Co-founder)
    IČO 52334058